Top 7 Tips to Protect Your Wool Clothes in summer


Woolen garments have been popular for centuries and people love to wear them especially in winters. In the winter, wool clothing is more comfortable and cozy than other fabrics. However, when spring starts, people want to shed their woolen clothes and wear cooler, brighter, lighter grab. Before enjoying the spring season, you should make sure that your wool clothes are stored appropriately to save them from insects and different damages. Different insects like carpet beetles and cloth moths prefer to lay their eggs on woolen clothes and other things made with woolen fabric. Once the eggs of these insects hatch on wool fabric, the larvae come out and start grazing on your woolen clothes, leaving small holes on them. However, with few simple tips or techniques, one can protect the woolen garments while storing them.

Tips for the Protection of Wool Clothes

These handy tips are as follows:

  1. Clean your woolen clothes properly before storing them. Insects like to nourish on wool clothes that are soiled with urine, perspiration, food particles, or body oils. So one must follow the instructions, mention on the label of the garments properly. Hand or machine-wash and properly dry clean the woolen garments before storing them in the spring season.
  2. Place your woolen clothes in clean, airtight and cotton box or container. You can also use plastic tubs and bags. Close all the holes and cracks of the thing with duct tape in which you are putting your woolen garments.
  3. Do not forget to put moth crystals or mothballs inside the storage container before sealing it. Moth crystals are more beneficial because they protect wool clothing from both carpet beetles and cloth moths. On the other hand, mothballs only prevent clothes from moths. If you are using moth crystals then place them above your wool garments in the container. In addition, if you are using mothballs then put them in layers throughout the wool clothing in the container.
  4. Always keep your woolen garments at cooler place because according to the experts, temperatures lower than 40 degree Fahrenheit discourages the insect invasion. Therefore, locate a cold place within your home or apartment and place the wool garments container there.
  5. Do not forget to check your stored wool garments from time to time. Wool experts recommend, checking your stored wool clothes every 4 to 8 weeks for signs of insect damage. While inspecting, place them in the sun, and thoroughly brush them down. Always change the moth crystals and mothballs before putting your wool clothes back in the storage container.
  6. After few days of storage, air out your wool garments to eliminate the odor of mothball or moth crystal. Otherwise, your wool garments will absorb that odor and stink.
  7. Last but not the least, do not let moth crystals or mothballs touch any plastic in the storage container because the chemical used them can cause the plastic material to melt and attach to your wool garments.

By following these tips or techniques, you will be able to maintain the quality of your wool garments. Along with maintaining quality, these useful tips will help you to enhance the durability of your wool clothes. Therefore, follow these simple tips in order to protect your wool garments for the next winter.


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