5 Reasons For A Business To Have Regular Pest Control Visits

In this current era of entrepreneurship, a lot of new business ideas are starting to appear. With the innovation of the technology that we have today, the number of startups that are now offering their services ballooned in recent years. What remains constant is the need for a workplace and outstanding employees that run the operations of the businesses.

Even the dynamics of offices, businesses, and operating structures have changed during recent years. There are still meetings that happen in the company, but conference meetings are slowly becoming the norm, especially to multinational companies or with companies in different branches. Reward and accomplishment systems are more integrated into the workplace.

However, even after the changes in the workplace, there are things that are constant and will likely stay as long as humans need establishments. One thing that will always plague humanity are infestations coming from pests and bugs. Pest infestations usually happen at home, but it also happens at businesses. Regular pest control services that are offered by firms such as Moxie Pest Control should be a part of the company’s budget.

Pests And Bugs In The Workplace
Just like in residential cases, pest infestation in the business workplace is not a rare occurrence. When pests find a supply of water, dark places to hide, and a source of food, they can thrive in any place that they like. Business settings, especially restaurants, are the ideal place for the insects to thrive. Rodents and cockroaches can live in dark and unmaintained storage rooms.

Even offices are not safe when it comes to pest infestation. Break rooms, when remained unmaintained and are not cleaned, are prone to ant infestations. Eating food while working is comforting, but not when insects are starting to come to your desk and wait for your next break. Here is the list of five reasons why your workplace should have a regular pest control visit.

5 Reasons To Call Pest Control Regularly

1. Pests affect the health of employees

Pests, such as cockroaches and rodents, are known for their health effects. Some of the effects are asthma and increased allergy reaction because of the allergens they produce. They are also deadly in restaurants because of the harmful bacteria, such as salmonella, which can cause food poisoning. Pests are also known for their harmful bite that can cause infection. When left unaddressed, the whole workplace will be at risk for different kind of diseases, and that might hurt your business.

2. Pests can also destroy business assets

Pests can cause damage to infrastructures, especially when an infestation occurs. In addition, most of the pests such as termites and rodents can destroy company records and wood infrastructures. In order to prevent further damage, full extermination is needed to be done. DIY methods are also available for those who don’t want to use chemical solutions in getting rid of pests.

However, for full extermination, pest control services are still the most effective method. It is also easier because the service will do everything to make your workplace free from pests. Pest controls services also help in making sure that the pests won’t come back for a long time.

3. Pests can cause a delay in operations if an infestation happens

This is connected to the destruction of business assets such as records, computers, and other devices. When these devices are destroyed, there is a chance that a delay in operation will happen which will cost money for expenses even without work going on. Infestations could be critical if the assets destroyed are devices such as servers or specialized machines.

4. A pest infestation can damage the business image

Who wants to work with a company that cannot deal with its infestation problems? This is especially true for service-based businesses such as restaurants and spas.

5. A once and for all approach is better than living with it

Pest control services offer proven and tested methods that can actually wipe out pest infestations in a small amount of time. You can rest assured that after the service, there will be a lesser pest in your workplace. It is important to maintain clean hygiene in the workplace in order to avoid the reoccurrence of pests. Ask your employees to cooperate in cleaning rules to avoid another infestation.


3 Great Reasons to Live in Dorval

Few life decisions are more impactful than choosing a place to live. After all, where you make your home will have a direct impact on your daily commute, the friends you make, and how much money you spend (or save). Those interested in the Montreal area have plenty of reasons why they should keep an eye on houses for sale in Dorval. Here is a closer look at some of the great benefits of choosing this community.

1.        Village Mentality

Dorval celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2017, and despite being on an island with a population of over 2 million, it still maintains a “village” mentality. Dorval is actually one of West Island’s least densely populated areas, with a population of around 20,000.


Naturally, this lends the area a cleaner, greener, and more laid-back atmosphere than other parts of Montreal. Large parks and waterfront views help the area feel closer to nature, providing a serene place to unwind after a stressful day at work.

2.        Lower Prices

There’s no denying that living in the city comes with a price. The high cost of rent and other amenities in the downtown area can make it hard to find a decent place to live, even with a good-paying job. By relocating to Dorval, you will pay less for a mortgage/rent expenses and get more house for the money you pay. This gives your family more room to grow, while also helping you save more for the future.

3.        Easy Access to Amenities

Living outside the downtown area doesn’t mean you’re cut off from things to do. Dorval is home to a 45,000-square-foot Aquatic and Sports Complex, as well as a city-owned golf course. Dorval also has great access to downtown Montreal — and the rest of the world. Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (Quebec’s largest airport) is located nearby, while convenient access to public bus and rail transportation makes it easy to get downtown.


Whether you need to go to work or fun downtown event, you’re never that far away while living in Dorval. With local community events throughout the year, you might find that you don’t need to go downtown to find fun!

Parting Thoughts

In Dorval, you don’t have to choose between the bustle of downtown living or the laid-back country lifestyle. Thanks to its unique location on the Island of Montreal, this community truly offers the best of both worlds, making it the perfect place to settle down whether you are a young professional or already well-established with a family.

The Great Benefits that Awards Have to Offer

When you award your students for their hard work, they will not only feel great that you have noticed all of the hard work that they have poured into their studies, but they will also have a renewed motivation to keep working hard and to keep achieving great things. As a teacher, it can sometimes be difficult to motivate your students to work hard and to excel in their studies, but with the proper reinforcement, you can get them to meet their goals and to not only meet them but to exceed them as well.

You can use an award to strengthen good behavior and to boost the confidence of a student who may be lacking in that area. It can also boost morale and can encourage a little friendly competition in the classroom. You can encourage your students to work hard towards a specific goal and to participate. This is a huge motivating factor when you have a student who may be shy or who don’t like to participate in group activities very often.

Reasons to Give and Get a Trophy

Trophies and awards have never really gone away but they have simply evolved as our civilization has become more modernized. They sometimes mimic the earliest trophies, but these days you will see glass awards, trophies made of crystal, wood, metal, glass, or pretty much any other material that you can think of.

Some trophies are even given out just for fun, such as for class clown, but they’re still fun to receive, and they can make any occasion feel like the Oscars. You can make your students feel special by hosting an award show and presenting awards to each student who has worked hard to accomplish something whether it be good grades or passing a difficult test.

Many Different Ways to Reward Your Students

There are many different types of awards that you can use to recognize the hard work of your students. There are medals, plaques, trophies, and the list goes on and on. They may be made of plastic, metal, wood, or crystal for the higher end awards. You can also personalize their award to make it much more personable and meaningful.

Stay Within Your Budget

If you are getting an award for everyone in the class, but you have to stay within a specific budget, you may want to go for a material that is mid-range. Some companies will also offer a group discount if you are buying multiple awards.

Getting An Award Makes You Feel Good

Receiving an award for all of your hard work is a great way to feel appreciated and that you have been noticed for all of your hard work. Giving out awards for great work and for accomplishing great things is nothing new. Authors, athletes, students, actors and actresses, and employees have been given awards for centuries to not only encourage them to keep up the good work but to also show them that they have not gone unnoticed. An award is something that you can keep forever either on your desk or your bookshelf and is a boost to your self-confidence every time that you see it. Plus, it is a great conversation starter. It is also unique in that it is meaningful to you and no one else because you know exactly how much hard work you had to put into your project and goals to get it in the first place.

The History of Trophies

Trophies date back to ancient times and have taken many different forms. Greek troops used to construct trophies out of the armor of captured opponents, and they were often made to look like warriors. Olive branches were presented to victors of the ancient Greece Olympic games and awards in the Middle Ages often took the form of cup-shaped trophies. No matter what they looked like, they were a reminder of an accomplishment or a victory, and they were a status symbol.

A little bit of encouragement goes a long way and will contribute to motivating your students or employees. An award is a lasting vote of thanks and an “atta boy” that can be displayed.

Why Women Should Seek Addiction Treatment

If you are a woman and you find yourself struggling with an addiction to anything, don’t put off getting help for yourself. Addiction treatment for women is available for women suffering from addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, gaming, gambling and a variety of other addictions that plague people. You’re not alone. Millions of other women in the world have struggled with addiction, and help is available.

Why You Should Go To Rehab

If you have thought about going to rehab, you probably should. The fact that you’re thinking of it is a sure sign that you may have an addiction problem. Those who suffer from addiction are often excellent at hiding the addiction from others, but it’s more difficult to hide the truth from yourself. Only you know the depths of the addiction that has its hold on you. Only you can commit to seek help in rehab. The help you need is at your fingertips. You have the power to free yourself from the chains of addiction that have likely been keeping you prisoner for a long time. Rehab is not a prison sentence. It is key to your freedom. Stop allowing your addiction to control your life. The first step is to speak to someone on the phone about your treatment options. Once you take that first step, you’ll improve a little bit every day.

What Happens in Rehab?

First of all, when you enter rehab, you can expect to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Addiction is something that millions of people struggle with, and you will never be blamed or criticized for your condition. Second, you can expect to have complete privacy regarding your decision to seek help in a rehab center. Addiction treatment center professionals understand the social stigmas that are wrongly associated with those who seek help for addictions. As such, your friends, family, and employer need never know that you have chosen to attend a rehab center unless you want them to know. The conditions of your treatment will, of course, vary according to your specific addiction. In general, however, you will be surrounded by a loving and supportive community who will do everything they can to assist you in your addiction recovery process.

There are in-patient and out-patient rehab centers that cater to women in all walks of life. Whether you’re a career woman, a mother, or a college student, you’ll find that there are many other women just like you who are seeking help for the addiction problems. Addiction treatment for women is something that you should never feel embarrassed or ashamed to seek. With the right help and support, you could soon be free of the addiction that is negatively impacting your life.


How to Use Technology to Improve Your Game

How you do in golf can reflect how you do in business and life. Despite its criticisms from those who don’t play, golf is a game which allows people of any age and ability to compete fairly. Many people consider golf a way of life, because of the pleasant playing environment on sunny links, the polite manner with which players treat each other and the versatility of the game itself.

It only makes sense to use all your advantages to improve your skills, but it can be difficult if you are trying to improve on your own, With a golf launch monitor, you can help your game even if you don’t have access to professional instructors or expensive equipment.

Getting Feedback

The biggest hurdle to improving play on your own is that you don’t have a way to measure your current skills, and you don’t have an accurate way to make small goals toward improving. With a golf launch monitor, you have access to very specific information about the way you move and hit the ball. You can get details about your movements that you couldn’t get just by trying to keep track on your own.

For instance, you can get needed information about what happens at the moment of impact when you make contact with the ball. This includes actual speed, so you will know how much power makes it to the end of your swing. You can also measure how fast your ball goes after you hit it.

Smash Factor

The name sounds aggressive, but every player has a smash factor. You can figure your smash figure by dividing your ball speed by your club speed. A respectable smash factor for a driver shot would be about 1.50.

So let’s say your swing speed is 100 mph and your ball speed is 135 mph. That makes your smash factor 1.35.

Improving Your Efficiency

Now that you know how to quantify what is happening you can use a strategy to improve your abilities. You may not necessarily have the strength as some other players, but you can figure out how to increase your smash factor so you can send the ball further.

You can identify where you are weakest and monitor your progress when you use a  golf launch monitor. Even when you don’t feel like you’remaking progress, you can see even incremental improvements.

Many people use a golf launch monitor without taking full advantage of its capabilities, but you can easily use it to get to the top of your game.