3 Questions to Ask When Starting Your Own Diecast Model Collection

If you’re interested in taking up collecting as a hobby, there are perhaps few options that are more fun than diecast models. With seemingly endless variety in terms of vehicles you can collect, when you look for diecast models in Canada, you’ll have almost as much fun trying to find the latest addition to your collection as you will crafting your own display. Here are three basic questions to consider as you start collecting.


What Kind of Models Do You Want?

Naturally, the first question you should consider is the type of models you wish to add to your collection! However, getting your collection off to the right start requires more than just knowing which types of cars you like. Many collectors prefer to focus on a particular theme or era, rather than an assorted hodgepodge of vehicles. This creates a more cohesive look when displaying the collection.


Of course, pricing and availability should also be taken into consideration. While starting your own collection will require a bit of an investment, you shouldn’t let your hobby strain your personal finances.


How Will You Display Your Collection?

You don’t want your collection to be hidden out of sight — it’s meant to be displayed for you and others to enjoy. You’ll want to consider the available space in your home so you can determine where you can set up a display area, as well as how much space is actually available. For many collectors, this could play a major role in determining what size of diecast models to purchase, as well as how many vehicles can be added to the collection.


To minimize maintenance and upkeep, a sealed display cabinet is usually best. Such cabinets protect the vehicles from dust and accidental damage while still serving as an attractive display option.


Where Can You Learn More?

How can you tell if you’re getting fair pricing on a model? Where can you go to find rare collectables? When you’re just starting out, it helps to get information from more experienced collectors. Thankfully, online groups and local organizations have made it easier than ever to increase your knowledge and stay informed of the latest happenings. Join and participate in these communities to make new friendships and improve your collecting experience.



Starting your own diecast model collection requires a fair amount of time and energy — but the results can be truly rewarding. As you use these questions to guide your acquisitions and join the larger collecting community, you’ll be able to find the models you want and have a lot of fun along the way.

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