3 Ways Companies Can Benefit From FinancialForce ERP

Sales and service companies deal with a lot of numbers on a daily basis — but keeping everything organized so you can fully understand your financial situation can often be easier said than done. When you test the FinancialForce ERP, you will quickly discover that using an integrated cloud solution is the best way to keep your entire staff on the same page and improve your overall efficiency. Here is a closer look at how your company can benefit from this software.

1.        Salesforce Integration

Many sales companies already use Salesforce. This understandably makes the idea of adding another software program for your team to work with feel like an unnecessary complication. FinancialForce ERP sidesteps this common concern because it is built to interact directly with Salesforce. This ensures that sales and financial data will remain perfectly in sync through the Salesforce Sales Cloud.


Instead of being an additional separate platform that employees will need to manage, this allows FinancialForce ERP to essentially operate as an extension of the same system they already know and use.

2.        Fast, Streamlined Reporting

The miscommunications between sales and finances departments can prove costly. Unfortunately, common issues like double data entry or delays in receiving reports can make it all too easy for such mishaps to occur.


With FinancialForce ERP, key tasks like revenue and billing recognition are more fully automated, helping staff save valuable time for other tasks. The cloud-based nature of the platform also allows team members to submit expense reports, time sheets, and other data at any time, whether they are in the office or travelling on a business trip. Because information is updated automatically across shared platforms, everyone will have the data they need, when they need it.

3.        Collaboration Yields Better Service

Ultimately, allowing tools like FinancialForce ERP to help you develop a single integrated platform will enable different departments to work better with each other. By avoiding delays and miscommunications, you can complete projects in a timely manner, deliver better service to customers, and always remain fully aware of your financial situation.


Coordinating everyone’s work through a single platform creates a more cohesive, collaborative work environment. As a result, with more efficient service, your sales team can improve close times and rates, ultimately allowing your business to experience rapid, efficient profit growth to benefit everyone.


The aforementioned benefits make FinancialForce ERP easy to implement while also ensuring that your team will be better equipped to meet sales and growth goals. With automation, real-time data sharing, and more, your team will be more efficient than ever before.

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