3 Ways Recycling Will Benefit Your Company

While it is easy to see how the decision to use a commercial recycling service will benefit the environment, it can sometimes be difficult to understand how this will help your company. In reality, however, investing in recycling should be a top priority for any business. From computer products and batteries to furniture and construction waste, there is much more you can recycle beyond basic paper and plastic products. Every effort can yield real benefits for your company.

1.        Save on Equipment Replacement

The purchase of new equipment can be one of the biggest expenses for a small business — but depending on what you need to replace, recycling will help you save. Many retailers offer a small refund or discount when you turn in old equipment for recycling prior to buying a replacement.


This is most common with computers and smartphones, though some retailers may even provide such benefits for batteries and other products. Donating old furniture that is still in usable condition could also get you a tax credit for making a charitable contribution. Either way, recycling becomes more financially helpful than simply throwing away outdated or unwanted items.

2.        Reduce Waste Costs

In the business world, waste management expenses are often calculated based on the amount of garbage that needs to get hauled away each year. In other words, producing less waste could lower this recurring utility bill — and recycling is a great way to accomplish this.


Commercial recycling services are often separate from the standard waste management company. As you start to shift toward recycling, a reduced need for waste removal could help you get discounted service or qualify you for a less expensive plan.

3.        Build Your Brand Image


These days, customers and employees alike have a greater tendency to look for businesses that reflect their values. Many people care about the environment and actively look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Recycling may be a small part in this, but it can go a long way in communicating your brand values to others.


Employees who feel like your company shares their values will be more productive and more likely to stick with you for the long haul. Some customers may even choose you over a competitor if they learn of your dedication to the environment.


While recycling won’t necessarily lead to direct sales for your company, there is no denying that it can ultimately prove to be of great worth for your brand. Yes, recycling is the right choice for helping the environment — but when you make it a key practice at your facility, it can ultimately help your bottom line as well.

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