5 Interior Design Ideas for Your Office Breakout Room

Breakout rooms in an office workspace is a perfect way for your employees to escape from their normal work and feel more relaxed in their office environment. It can be positive for the way they think and promote better wellbeing during stressful times in work.

Whether your office is only 1000 square meters or 10,000 square meters, it’s important that you’re able incorporate a space where your employees can get away from their normal desk and be productive in alternative ways.

If you’re looking to incorporate a breakout space at your business, here are a few tips for ideas that can make the interior extra effective and useful for your employees.

Collaboration Cubicles

An innovative idea that can really help your employees be creative in a unique way is the use of collaborative cubicles. These include human-size whiteboards which are the ultimate tool for brainstorming ideas together. Stand-up tables provide consistent blood flow around the body and helps with posture in the long term. Adding large screens in the ‘cubicles’ can also provide your employees with the tools to bring their ideas into a digital format.

‘Home’ Furniture

It’s fair to say that we feel most relaxed when we’re cosy in our front room with a cuppa and blanket with the fire on. Although this environment can’t be completely immitated in the workspace, incorporating similar furniture can be a great way to help your staff relax and socially interact with one another. Furniture pieces such as designer sofas and luxury coffee tables that you normally find in the home can remind your employees of where they feel most comfortable.

Writable Walls

Teams tend to brainstorm and allow their creative ideas to flow more effectively when they’re able to see their ideas visibly on a large scale. There can be many occasions when we have an idea pop into our head that is useful, but at the time we have nowhere to write it. By implementing writable walls that partition the room in different ways, this provides plenty of space for employees to showcase their ideas at any time. The work area of the breakout room can make the most of floor-to-ceiling whiteboards which employees can use to brainstorm and make the most of the space they have.

Flexible Furniture

This style of furniture tends to consider the working aspect of furniture compared to the ‘home’ furniture which encourages the employees to relax. Flexible furniture removes the idea of isolation and segregation between colleagues. Instead, you can add furniture to your breakout room that can easily separate and come together to stimulate collaborative working. These types of furniture can include sofas, desks, tables and more. Bringing more people together can promote more ideas and effective learning.

Breakout Spaces are Crucial for Your Business

The definition of breakout rooms can vary from business to business but what you include in there should be able to achieve one common goal: providing employees with options of how they wish to utilise it. Employees can work differently in environments depending on their preference. Providing these options can help to improve mood and benefit their productivity.

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