A Guide To Creating The Ultimate Men’s Summer Capsule Wardrobe

With summer fast approaching, we’re now in the weird in between phase in terms of style and it is important to now start thinking about your summer wardrobe. In terms of men’s summer style, it can be quite difficult to get the balance right between choosing colours and styles and pieces that can be worn no matter the weather.

Creating a summer capsule wardrobe is a must, especially one which is full of quality, simple and classic pieces which can be mixed and matched to suit the weather and occasion. With this in mind, here is a guide to creating the ultimate men’s summer capsule wardrobe.

White T-Shirt

Everyone should have a white t-shirt as part of their summer wardrobe, but for those days when you just want to relax, or want to dress up a nice pair of chino or denim shorts, then a white t-shirt is a must-have. Pairing a white tee with shorts, or even light blue jeans, is a simple way to create a stylish and casual look for summer and is perfect for late afternoon pub garden visits, or trips to the seaside.

Classic Tracksuits

We all know that summer in the UK is hardly wall to wall sunshine. There can be days where the weather reverts back to wind, rain and greyness and, on those days, there is nothing better than wearing a comfy tracksuit, hoodie or sweats. A plain tracksuit is a must-have when it comes to a summer capsule wardrobe.

Whilst it might feel strange including it as part of your capsule wardrobe, on those colder days, you’ll be thankful you have one to hand! If you want something a little more on-trend, then a mens full tracksuit is a must-have – simply pair with a good pair of trainers and plain t-shirt.

Navy Chinos

No summer wardrobe is complete without a pair of navy chinos. As with blue jeans, a pair of navy chinos are a must have for those warmer days and can be easily transformed to be more formal for work attire, or dressed down for a casual weekend. Simply pair with a white tee for weekends, or dress up with a linen shirt for a sophisticated work outfit.

Lightweight Jacket

It’s a bit disheartening to include a jacket as part of a summer capsule wardrobe guide, but it is a must given the UK weather. Often, temperatures can be high but rain means that you need to wear a jacket. A lightweight jacket is a must and should be one in a transferable colour between your different outfits. Black or stone are often go to colours and shades, as they can be paired with almost everything. Try to choose a bomber jacket or a classic windbreaker/parka style.

Basic Pieces

During the summer months, having plenty of basics is a must. You might find that you need to layer outfits, due to the weather, or just want to stick something cool and comfortable on during the warmer months. Plenty of plain t-shirts, jersey/chino shorts and caps are a must and can easily be put together to create a simple, yet stylish, summer outfit.

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