Are Some Employees Not as Productive as They Should Be?

When you oversee employees on any level, you know the responsibility you have.

Whether a handful of workers or hundreds, your goal is to get the most out of those you are in charge of.

That said it can be a challenge at times when it appears some are not giving you their full efforts. For one reason or another, they do not put out 100 percent each day. In turn, you are then left with having to figure out how to get the max effort from them on a regular basis.

Although you may come to the conclusion that some employees are not a good fit, there are others you will work with. In working with them, you will look to see how you can challenge them to be better. You also will work to remove any distractions that can be impeding their work.

So, are you prepared to review your employees’ work and make sure they give 100 percent?

What Might Be Distracting Some of Your Team?

In looking at your situation, what are some distractions confronting some your employees?

Among some common ones:

  1. Social media

If you allow your employees’ Internet access, there’s a chance some will be a little bit too friendly with the web. As such, they may not be able to focus on their jobs.

Examples of this would include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others. So that social networking does not become too big of a distraction, set rules from one’s first day of employment.

For some companies, they allow their employees free reign when it comes to social media. Others, meantime, encourage workers to use their breaks to get updated on social media. Others block sites, leaving employees not able to access them at work.

Although you might be thinking social ban, employees can use cell phones to access sites. Since you won’t confiscate phones, rely on the individual being self-disciplined.

  1. Personal issues

What employee doesn’t have a personal issue or two to deal with?

While some are more pressing, do your best to encourage your team to leave personal stuff at the front door.

If someone needs some time during the day to deal with a personal matter, give them a little space to do so. It is better to get it out of the way than to have it lingering over them. With the latter, it can impact their ability to get their job done.

Among issues can be sick family members, marital and financial woes, and run-ins with the law.

If one has concerns with collection agencies, remind them agencies are not to call work. In the event that appears to be happening, they can do a reverse phone number search. That search allows them to track down where any calls are emanating from.

While you can’t and shouldn’t babysit workers, you also don’t want them bringing personal issues to work all the time.

  1. Fellow coworkers

Last, are there some individuals in the workplace who try their best to distract others? If so, it is important that this not become an on-going problem.

While office chatter is commonplace, it should not become a major distraction.

Let your team know in no uncertain terms what is and isn’t expected of them. By doing the right training from day one, most of them should get the picture about what to expect in your business.

Finding that happy medium in an office can be difficult. That said everyone needs to remember why they are there in the first place.

So, how productive would you say your business is?


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