Christchurch Must-Do’s For History Buffs

Christchurch is full of history; so much so that you’ll find that there are a plethora of museums, galleries, and more for you to enjoy. If you’re a history buff travelling in a campervan hire New Zealand, then you will want to make sure to include Christchurch on your trip.

While it isn’t as full of adventurous places as some areas you might see on your road trip in a campervan hire New Zealand, you can rest assured that it will be just as exciting for you, if you’re a history lover. Of course, there isn’t just history to be explored here, so if you’re traveling with a partner who isn’t historically inclined, there will be plenty for everyone to enjoy.

As you visit Christchurch, prepare some time to enjoy all of the following activities. They may not be that exciting for people who don’t like taking a look at the past, but if you are all about history, then you can be sure to find something to enjoy in this New Zealand city.

Christchurch Must-Do’s

  • Canterbury Museum: A great place to learn more about the local culture in the Canterbury/Christchurch area, the Canterbury Museum is the ideal destination for those who want to learn more about the cultural and natural heritage of this region. From historic artefacts to an area dedicated to historical sights and experiences from the past, as well as an Antarctic Gallery section, the Canterbury Museum is an interesting spot for you to explore while in the Christchurch area.
  • Sign of the Kiwi: Damaged in the earthquake, Christchurch’s Sign of the Kiwi is now open once again, for you to admire and enjoy. As a heritage building, it’s one of the area’s most iconic places and worth visiting if you want to see a place that has been around since the early 1900’s. While it has been through an earthquake and it’s aftershocks, it’s been restored to it’s original glory. As a historic café and bar, you’ll want to take some time to visit this lovely spot that holds testament to the grit and determination of Christchurch residents.
  • Te Ana Maori Rock Centre: A part of getting to know the local history is getting to know more about the Maori culture and Te Ana Maori Rock Centre is the ideal place to do just that. There, you’ll get to know more about the Maori rock paintings, which will also give you a glimpse of the Maori culture, which is a must-do experience when visiting New Zealand. Visiting the Te Ana Maori Rock Centre is a great way to start learning more about the local Ngai Tahu tribes. The guides are from the Ngai Tahu tribe themselves, so you get a real first-hand experience when visiting this spot.
  • Ferrymead Heritage Park: Ferrymead Heritage Park is a fun place to visit, especially if you’re traveling with kids. There are many heritage exhibitions, as well as restored cottages and businesses, and even steam trains that run every second Sunday of every month, which is a lot of fun if you’re visiting with your kids. Because the other museums and places may not be that interesting for little ones, you can still get your history time in while helping them enjoy their visit, as well.
  • Pleasant Point Museum and Railway: This heritage railway is just another fun experience for those who are visiting the Canterbury/Christchurch area. With years functioning as a museum railway, it’s a captivating place for train fanatics to visit. If you love history that has to do with railroads and trains, this is the spot for you.
  • Other historic places: Because of the abundance of historic sites in Christchurch, you’ll need to set a good amount of time to visit all the places. Here are just a few more of the sites that you may want to check out: Citizens’ War Memorial in Cathedral Square, Dux de Lux on Montreal Street, Edmond’s Clock Tower on Chester Street East, and Eliza’s Manor on Bealey Avenue.

In Conclusion

It’s important to realize just how much damaged was caused by the earthquake in 2011 and other ones that have happened, including aftershocks. Many damaged historic buildings have now been restored, but the effects have remained for many people. In fact, there are several memorials and sites dedicated to the victims of the last earthquake, which are also worth your time to visit, if you want to get to know more about the history of Christchurch and its surrounding areas.

As you travel around in campervan hire New Zealand, rest assured that Christchurch will not disappoint in terms of history museums and stories to be told. It’s also a fun city with plenty to do and a nearby beach to visit. If you want to enjoy a weekend or more in Christchurch, rest assured that it won’t disappoint. It’s a great place for kids, families, singles, and friends traveling together.



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