Depending on your financial condition, Freedom Debt Relief works with you individually to take off your current debt burden from your shoulders while avoiding bankruptcy after determining if their services can help you in any way or not. After being founded in 2002, it has served over 500,000 clients resolving $8 billion of debt all over in last 15 years.


Here are few initial reasons for why you can count on Freedom Debt Relief  and reviews of

  • A low monthly payment
  • $8 billion worth of debts resolved
  • No fee payment required until results are obtained
  • Personalized and a completely free evaluation from certified debt specialists
  • Better Business Bureau has rated it A+

Debt Relief Process:

You have to go through an evaluation call before you actually enrol with this Californian company. The certified debt consultants first review your credentials and debt situation and the debt relief best options. If they confirm that this program is suitable for you then you design a payment program after getting enrolled.


You deposit funds you’re comfortable paying to monthly payment program after making savings. This payment is then paid to your creditors in a lump sum after a time.

The money is kept in a separate account for being reserved solely for debt relief program. The account is controlled by you and is FDIC-insured that can show your account progress anytime with your online Client Dashboard.


The negotiations are made with the creditors and once your account reaches a set target amount, the negotiation team starts making settlements that are done upon your approval.

Debts are then reported to the credit bureaus as settled in full, settled, paid, paid by settlement, or settled for less than the full amount. Each throws certain impact on your credit standing score so you must be attentive toward these phrases throughout the process of negotiation.

The company ensures that each creditor accountable accurately reports your settlement to the credit bureaus. All your unsecured debts can be settled in only two to four years if you keep sticking to the plan.

Customer Profile:

The company focuses on clients having unsecured (personal loans, credit cards) on small debts, for example, 1500$ or more who find it difficulty every month to meet their minimum debts. You must be very committed to paying off your debt within 2-4 years and depositing the amount every month.

Application Process:

The enrolment form is available at their website. The process starts with a free consultation which tells you if the program is suitable for your financial situation. If it fits very well, you agree to a monthly depositary program and get enrolled.

How the process works:

Once you are enrolled in the program, it is recommended to you to enrol all your credit cards worth 500$ at least and stop paying to your creditors but to your settlement fund. This may bring chaos from your creditors and credit bureaus, you may face low credit score and late fee charges etc. But once your account reaches the target amount, the payments are made in a lump sum that makes creditors happier.

The negotiation team also makes sure that you save an amount after all your debt is settled.

Their special Features:

Freedom Debt Relief is a member of America Fair Credit Council that works for ensuring industry regulations and transparency. The program reliefs 44,000 clients every month.

They require no service fee before an outcome is observed.

They offer to access a third party such as a law firm for helping negotiations for security since creditors may file a lawsuit against you during no payment phase.

After Settlements Are Made:

Order all three of your credit report copies. There may be lots of late payments listed for that you have to confirm if each one is accurate and is listed correctly. Otherwise, file a dispute directly with the credit bureau. Keep accurate and detailed records even in debt settlement process so these can be referenced in needed.

Now you are free from debt, you must set a long-term financial plan. You must set a good saving routine so you have a bright financial future. Also don’t forget to keep a good record of paying other bills like utilities, mortgage, cell phone, etc while you’re on Freedom Debt Relief Program.

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