Planning a Family Day Out

Getting out and about with your family is not only a pleasure – it’s often a necessity! Burning off some of the inexhaustible energy of children is always necessary, and as a parent, you’ll want to be making memories that last long past childhood – that involves making plans, getting ready and heading out!


Today we’re taking a look at how you can organise a family day out that your family will never forget – for all the right reasons.


An Activity


It’s a good idea to plan an activity for your day out, especially if you’re marshalling children of different ages. It might be a visit to a historical landmark, a walk in a nature reserve, a trip to a show or a zoo – something to give the day focus, and that involves everyone in the family.


If you’re planning a walk or explore outdoors, a self-guided tour, quiz or other challenge is a good way to involve everyone, whether you tailor it to each child and adult, or simply one big activity that everyone can contribute to. A good example is a Treasure Trails scavenger hunt, or similar – with clues calibrated to give everyone in the family an ‘aha’ moment, and a focus to your walk, wherever you are in the UK.




Don’t forget to think about food – as stomachs empty, tempers can fray, and that’s as true for adults as it is for kids. Pack a generous picnic to make sure everyone stays happy.


To give even younger kids the sense that they’re involved in the day, you could get them to help put lunch together – even if it’s choosing what they want in their sandwiches, it gives them a way to be part of things. If they’re a bit older they can actually help – and take some of the pressure off. Even if you’re eating out at a pub or restaurant along the route, it’s worth packing an array of snacks to help keep little legs moving.




One of the great obstacles to any day out is weather, but you can avoid a lot of the challenges with the right preparation. Prepare for summer weather with sun lotion, hats to shade the front and back of the head, and of course plenty of water to keep hydrated. Sometimes adults need as much reminding as kids, so set rest points that allow you to drink and recharge well in advance.


Rain and cold may need to be avoided altogether, but it is still possible to get out in all but the worst downpours if you’re dressed for it. Layer up to keep warm, with waterproofs on the outside, and perhaps most important water resistant walking boots or wellingtons on even the youngest members of the party and you’ll be equipped to face anything!

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