Reasons why Tucson is amazing

A city of barely a half million in the midst of the dry Sonoran Desert has been generating a good deal of buzz of late, as debates have begun to rage about the best under-the-radar places to live in a country with rising real estate prices.

Tucson is that place, as its mix of nature, youth, intelligentsia, culture, and climate have attracted a growing stream of people to settle here.

While the above advantages all help, the fact that you can still buy a home that is affordable home while enjoying high quality of life is the point sells most new Tucsonans.

Michael Eckhardt Tucson knew all about these for years before anyone else caught on. Remaining in town after completing his education at the University of Arizona, he has happily led his life here not wanting for anything, as Tucson has everything an active person and their family needs.

Still not convinced that Tucson is amazing? We’ll make our case below.

1) It is home to one of the best colleges in the country

There’s no sense denying it: a good deal of Tucson’s attractiveness comes from the influence that the University of Arizona has had on the city over the years.

Every fall, a new crew of America’s brightest young adults moves into town, giving Tucson a dose of new ideas, creativity, and youthful excitement.

Being younger than other cities in the region, it has a nightlife, cafe selection, and dining scene that punches well above its weight.

What’s more, the University of Arizona has athletics teams that are in Division I, giving sports fans in the city to witness athletes that may make the big leagues one day at a fraction of the price you would pay for the latter.

Finally, its status as one of the biggest liberal arts schools in the west has granted this city cultural resources you won’t find for miles around, making it an oasis for creative types.

2) It is a paradise for lovers of the outdoors

For many people in America, getting into a wilderness area is such a mission, they only have the time to do it several times per year, as it involves hours of driving on crowded freeways.

Tucson presents no such problem for outdoor enthusiasts, as a half an hour is enough to put you in the middle of the emptiness that is the Sonoran Desert, or up on a mountain slope.

There are five ranges to choose from, each of which is visible from the center of town. It is heaven for mountain bikers, rock climbers, and trekkers, all of whom benefit from air that is virtually free of pollutants.

3) It is a sun worshipers dream come true

Do you hate dark winters? Tucson is the perfect antidote for the January blues, as the sun here shines 350 days per year, and with an average high temperature of 65 degrees during the coolest month, you’ll be able to enjoy it without a jacket.

This contrasts sharply with east coast cities, as stalling frontal systems block out the sun for days on end.

For many, Tucson’s weather is its ace in the hole.

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