The Top 5 Places to Longboard in Europe

Longboarding is a form of skateboarding which is characterised by the board the skater rides on. A longboard is longer than a standard sized board, and therefore has more stability. Longboards aren’t meant for tricks – they’re preferred by skaters who like to do freeriding and downhill skating. There are many techniques which can be used when longboarding, such as tucking and sliding, but you won’t see many longboarders doing jumps or grinding.

Longboarding Destinations

Because longboarding is so great for downhill skating, longboarders typically prefer to visit locations which feature an abundance of sweeping, gently curved roads and a lack of traffic. Some longboarders will even go further afield to fulfil their passion, venturing out into Europe and further afield in search of the perfect longboarding territory. For these intrepid skaters, this list of top longboarding destinations is pure gold.

The Col de Turini, Italy

This majestic sweep of road became famous after being featured on TV program Top Gear. Its 6 miles of smooth tarmac are a dream for any longboarder, and the abundance of turns should prove challenging enough to be exciting, but not so dangerous as to be off-putting for mid-weight skaters. Possibly not one for beginners though.

Vulkanradweg, Germany

This stretch of road is perfect for beginners, but interesting enough for intermediate skaters as well. The incline of the slope is fairly relaxed but at 8 miles it’s still long enough to achieve a pretty decent speed. The road has become so popular with longboarders that there is even a bus service, operating on weekends only, which shuttles people to the top of the road.

Houyet Freeride, Belgium

A downhill skate competition which is held in Belgium every year, the Houyet Freeride is the perfect place to meet other likeminded skaters and brush up on your technique. Not only that but Houyet is absolutely beautiful and the roads in this region are a dream for longboard enthusiasts. Teams come from all around the world to compete at Houyet so when you’re done practicing your own moves, you can take a load off and watch the professionals at work.

Castle Drive, Falmouth

This vibrant university town has burst onto the UK skater scene and is quickly becoming recognised as one of the best places for downhill skating in the country. Castle Drive isn’t as long as some other courses but its spectacular view, enjoyable incline and broad corners make it a fantastic ride for beginner and intermediate downhill skaters.