Trade show display’s

Trade shows provide a competitive but highly productive platform to showcase your products or services. For your trade show displays to be successful, you need to have a strategic plan. If you are a first-timer, you can easily be overwhelmed by trade show logistics, making success seem like quite an impossible achievement.


Hold on; before you shy away, you need to know that your first-time trade show does not have to fail. It can be successful if you implement the following tips.


Research more


The last thing you would want is last-minute shocks, such as realizing that the trade show you are attending requires your booth to have all the necessities or you have to pay extra for some features. Before settling for a particular trade show, research and understand all the rules noting that they vary from one trade show to the other.


It is recommendable to go to a trade show as an attendee, research what the other exhibitors are doing and the kind of audience the trade show attracts. Check out what makes the trade show a good fit for your home business and how you can edge your competitors without deviating from the house rules.


Create pre-show buzz


Creating a buzz gives the attendees something to look forward to. You could, for instance, consider social media contests where the attendees win prizes and collect them during the trade show. This can give you visibility allowing you to gain an edge over the competitors.


The last thing you want is standing all alone in your booth with little to no traffic. Pre-show exposure allows you to capture some traffic even before attending the trade show that you can build on during the show for better results.


Check out the competition


Knowing what your competitors are doing is always a good strategy. Visiting your competitors’ booth gives you an insight into what they are doing, spot their unique strengths, and identify their weak points. From there, you can offer better trade show experience to your attendees by improving on what your competitors seem to rag behind. What is more, what you liked about your competitor forms the basis for your next trade show display, allowing you to realize better results along the way.


Go pro


Attracting attention during the trade show can be quite a daunting process. Your booth needs to stand out but not like a sore thumb. Professional designs are a good starting point. You could enlist professional services such as from ExpoMarketing.

Professionally designed trade show booths allow you to communicate your message succinctly and clearly. You can easily capture more traffic as the attendees see you as a serious professional, which would make them want to be associated with your business.


Make it fun


Do not make the mistake of selling your products so hard that the attendees want nothing to do with you. Closing the deal is desirable, but generating more leads is even better than closing five deals as the traffic stays away from your booth.

Fun is the way to go, and with sufficient research, you can implement a strategy to capture more traffic. Maybe a magician, a chef, or an influencer; the options are endless. The moment a crowd starts to form in your booth, you can amass a massive following as the attendees do not want to miss out on the fun.

Now that your trade show is promising, your next step is to implement a follow-up strategy. You need to keep your leads engaged and follow up on cold leads to realize better ROI. Trade shows can put your business on the map; all you need is some measures to make it a success and be on your way to a successful trade show experience.


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