Why You Should Get Your Kids into Sports

Some of our top business, political and social leaders have sports backgrounds or played sports extensively when they were young. They credit that time with providing them with skills that propelled them toward success in their chosen fields. The benefits from paying sports are numerous and substantial and give ample reason why you should put your child in sports. If you are a professional athlete like Jack Elway and you have a son like American football icon John Elway, it is obvious what sports can provide. Here are a list of the benefits.

Teaches Teamwork

One key to life is understanding how to function on a team. Teamwork is important in everything from work. To friendships to relationships that end in marriage. Sports and particularly team sports get kids to think about their actions and how they must be coordinated with others in order to be effective. They also learn that their actions affect others whether it is intended or not. They learn to focus on being a productive and positive team member and pulling for team rather than individual goals. In most cases in life and on sports there are some athletes who are more naturally gifted but having great teamwork skills can level the playing field shuffling who is vital and who is not. These lessons stick with kids and are useable throughout their lives.

Develops Social Skills


Many kids who were once shy became social and popular because of sports. Sports force you to be out front and to communicate in order to get the things you need to perform well and with an energetic coach in your face and forcing you to communicate, shyness will usually get pushed aside.  Kids learn that it is ok to express themselves in a group setting and they often develop bonds on sports team that they carry with them for a lifetime.

Improves concentration

Kids today have so many things to distract them and too often kids are encouraged to engage in things like video games and cell phone text messaging because it gives parents a breaks from them and occupies the kid’s time. But the real downside to this strategy is that kids become unable to concentrate for long periods of time which works against them in school and when they get into the world and have to find employment. Sports require a high level of concentration and multiple layers of focus on the game, your team, the other team and the rules of the game. It teaches young people how to use that focus for an outcome and how to stay concentrating through all sorts of emotions and physical conditions.

Teaches Good Sportsmanship

Sports is about learning to win and lose and benefitting in both cases. Sports teaches you that you can be great today and lose tomorrow so you had better prepare a speech for each occasion. For kids who have never had the chance to compete before, sports gives them the opportunity to deal with the emotional aspects of competing. Can you win and be gracious? Can you lose and bounce back? These are issues kids will have to deal with their entire lives and sports prepares them.


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