Less Known Benefits of Massage

You and I know that  a Massage can do wonders for our daily living. From eliminating anxiety, insomnia caused by stress, headaches, and strengthening your immune system, massage therapy has heaps of benefits.

What you may not know is that having a regular visit to your therapist could make you a darling of your workmates because of the associated positivity.

Did you also know that regular sessions can help sharpen your brain? Here are some of the less known benefits of Massage:

  • Lasting Power and Strength

If you have been worried that your game (naughty! naughty!) isn’t at par with expectations or you feel that  you’re not stretching out as well as you should in matters honeypot (I’m trying to mind my language!), become a regular at the massage parlor.

You can even request for body rubs if you feel that you want to experiment and go the distance.

Building regular massage sessions into your busy routine help soften, stretch, open up, release and permit extra blood to reach into the crucial muscles enabling you to push further and harder than ever before.


  • You Think and Act Like A Genius

If you want have always admired the super geniuses like Charles Dickens, Leonardo DA Vinci, and Benjamin Franklin, have regular dates with your therapist.

Research indicates that consistent massage could help sharpen your brain function by enhancing circulation and boosting blood flow to your beautiful grey matter.

The  snowball effect of this includes improved critical thinking and gradual improvement to your analytical side.

And who knows? You could end up being the  next Albert Einstein!

  • Massage Is Good for Your Bowels

Massage has time and again proven to be one of the most effective treatments for reducing pain, muscle tension, and stress.

Some studies have further found that a massage can help you if suffering from digestive disorders and bowel related problems.

By massaging the relevant areas around your abdomen, a therapist will help stimulate spontaneous movements in the digestive tract and reduce abdominal symptoms such as bloating, gas, cramping, and constipation

Not to mention that Massage may also relieve anxieties and tensions that often worsen the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

  • Makes Womanhood Challenges More Bearable

If you are a woman and experiences the stuff that comes with womanhood during that “time” of the month, you definitely appreciate that any form of relief is very welcome when the days come.

Frequent massage helps minimize and alleviate common symptoms and some of the terrible side effects that arise when dealing with an unruly cycle.

And by the way, Massaging your abdomen daily for even 5 minutes could go a long way in  relieving future menstrual cramps and the resulting pain.

Final Thoughts

We all know that massage sessions could be the perfect antidote for many things- stress, bad moods, body immunity, and more.

But many people aren’t aware that there are many other less-acclaimed but more powerful reasons to go for a session.

You will gradually get the power to last longer (got what I mean?), reduce bowel related issues, and start thinking like a genius.

For women, that “time” becomes  happier amongst many other benefits.

Is Your Marriage Lacking Excitement? Here’s How to Spice Things up

After some time, every marriage becomes a bit dull and boring. It is the repetitiveness and routine that kill off all the excitement and this is completely normal. It happens to everyone and you need to make an effort to add some adventure and heat to the whole thing.

After all, marriage is for life, and you should make the ride exciting. Kids, work, family relationships, bills, and family events are important, but so is your marriage, and you need to take care of it as well. Married couples need to turn to themselves once again and enjoy their relationship.

Here is how you can do this.

Start flirting with each other

One of the things that married couples often miss is the opportunity to do some flirting. As we all know, it’s not only about the act of sex, it’s also about what happens before it and how you can build up the passion. Flirting is the way to do it and it gives you the chance to remind yourself of when you were young.

It offers something exciting and new. If you aren’t the type of people who flirted in the past, then even better. This will be a new experience for you both that will let you learn things about each other. Take every opportunity to flirt, even send each other “naughty” messages during the day.

Hold your hands together

Do you remember those days when you first became a couple and you used to hold your hands all the time? Believe it or not, this simple token of affection can go a long way and bring you closer once again. Over the years, the intimacy of touching each other slowly vanishes and you need to renew it.

The people around you will notice this gesture as well and give energy that will help you reflect on your relationship. Try holding hands when walking, when watching TV, or when watching your kids play soccer. All of this will help you remember the love you share and bring you back closer together.

Do something new in the bed

Let’s face it, it’s impossible for two people to be attracted to each other in the bed for so long without losing a bit of interest. This is because married couples also create a sex routine and once they get into it, things always happen the same way. This is one of the reasons why married couples have sex less often as more time passes.

Make an effort to “spice things up” in your sex life and stop looking at each other like “husband and wife” or “mom and dad”. Try out something new, be spontaneous, talk about your desires, and be open to each other’s suggestions. What you do in your bed can be separated from your role as parents. Today, you can even discreetly order sexy lingerie. Nobody will know anything about your sex life.

Break the routine and do something “crazy”

When you are married for a long time, everything is calculated and planned. It’s about teamwork and practicality and couples “program” themselves to talk to each other, organize their days, and consult about the tasks they need to do. This is not a bad thing, but it takes its toll on the romance and marriage itself.

When you know you that have free time, make a romantic dinner for your spouse, buy a gift, go on a date, or do something adventurous. You don’t have to wait for special dates to calculate things. Be spontaneous, drop by the office of your spouse and bring him or her a present, do a “quickie” early in the morning, dress nice, or do something special for your spouse.

In the end, remember to be creative and spontaneous whenever possible. This doesn’t require a lot of work but it will do wonders for your marriage and bring back that excitement you always loved. Also, make sure to dress up and look good for your spouse. Get out of the role of being parents whenever you can.