Balancing Your Financial Goals and Your Fun Expenses

Are there any words in the English language that can put you to sleep faster than budget?


Probably not. That being said, budgeting is an important skill to learn — one that can help you achieve your goals, financial or otherwise.


Luckily, budgeting doesn’t have to be a boring, painful experience. With a little help, you can easily balance your financial goals and your fun expenses.


Here’s where to start:

Establish your goals


First, let’s start with the fun part.


Take a few moments to sit down and figure out what your goals are. Do you want to save for retirement? Go back to school? Travel more? Go to next year’s big music festival? Spend more time with your family?


Once you’ve determined what your goals are — no matter how serious or frivolous they are — you should determine how much it will cost. Understanding what you want to do and how much money you need to do it will get you on the right track for balancing a budget. Which brings us to our next point.


Track your spending and make a budget


The best way to cut costs and put more money toward your savings is to take a good, hard look at what you’re making, what your spending and how to two compare. Create a spreadsheet, or keep a simple list, of every source of income, as well as what you spend each month. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to look at your overall financial picture — including what you want your later years to look like.


When it comes to creating a budget, begin looking at what you can do to help achieve your goals a little faster. If you want to save for retirement, begin looking at 401(k) or IRA accounts. If one of your dreams is to invest in an RV that can take you and your family across the country, use an RV loan calculator to determine what you can afford, and when you can afford it.


You get the idea.


And, thankfully, technology can also help when it comes to budgeting and saving money. Mobile banking apps or third-party apps like You Need a Budget can help you keep track of your spending and reduce where possible.


Cancel memberships you don’t use anymore

This one might feel difficult at first, but evaluating all your monthly subscriptions and memberships could be an eye-opener for those looking to take control of their finances. Run back through at least six bank statements and look at each recurring cost, then ask yourself: Am I really using this?


If you work out at home more than the gym, go ahead and cancel your membership. If you’re watching one streaming service more than another one, cancel that subscription.


Your wallet will thank you for it, and you’ll have more money to put towards savings and nights out with friends.


Find extra cash

As you look at your set-in-stone financial responsibilities — i.e. rent, cell phones, etc. — and your fun expenses, it will become abundantly clear that more money could be useful. Even if you’re not in dire straits, a couple of extra bucks every month couldn’t hurt. Start by asking for an appropriate raise at work. Talk to your supervisor about the extra work you’ve done, the additional work you could take on and cost of living adjustments.

You can also turn your talents and hobbies into spare cash during your free time — you’d be surprised how quickly it adds up. Whether it’s selling your art or delivering food during your free time, these extra sources of income can go straight toward any goals you have.


4 Ways to Bring Your Business Further into the 21st Century

Technology changes everything. This is especially true in business. If your business is still operating the same way that they did two decades ago, then you are drastically behind on the times. But it is not too late to play catch up if you have been dragging your feet. You can join in with the tech evolution. Here are four ways to bring your company into the 21st century.


Save Everything into the Cloud

The days of having to save all of your information into the same computer are over. And thank goodness it is! One computer catastrophe could mean losing all of the data you have acquired over the years. If you are not already saving your info into the cloud, it is time to do it immediately. This will make the data available on any computer device anywhere in the world. You are no longer tied down to just one computer. The storage of your data is in much safer hands in the cloud. Having your info saved entirely on the internet will keep you from getting burned down the road.


Operate Entirely Online

Brick and mortar stores are becoming a thing of the past. They eat up your profits with their rent or mortgage, utilities, and insurance among other things. If you can operate your business online from home then it is about time to switch on over. Your profits will grow as your expenses shrink.


Consider the Latest Software

If your business has a need for 3D technology, then  SolidWorks is maybe suitable for your company. For example, do you have to design and demonstrate products often? If you do, having a 3D version of the products will really add better description and detail to it. This will make your products jump off the page much better than two-dimensional images.


Automated Emails

Think of your company as a smaller version of Amazon. Consider what Amazon does for their customers. If you make a purchase on Amazon, it is a guarantee that you will receive reminder emails down the road asking if you would like to order again. This is something that you can do immediately with your customers. The saying out of sight, out of mind relates directly to business. If you are not constantly reminding them that you are around, they may start bringing their business to someone else.


Ways to Make Your Website Run Much Smoother

The number of websites available currently through the internet just keeps on multiplying. Just in the time it took you to read that last sentence, there probably was fifty more websites added to the vastness of the net. There are numerous reasons everyone you know just about has their own website. Some use their website as sort of a personal diary letting others know what is going on in their life. Others create one for business purposes. Still others make a blog that they continually update to let others know what is on their mind. Regardless of the reason, everyone believes their website is important. But building a website can be needlessly complicated and even confusing if you are not careful. Listed below are a few ways to make your website run like a well-oiled machine without any complications.


Find the Right Web Hosting

Without a web hosting provider, your website will not be able to be viewed on the internet. A couple of the most popular ones, like Wix and GoDaddy, are pretty simple to use. They provide the technologies and services needed for your site as they are stored on their servers. You can also always buy a web hosting in Canada that will take care of it for you at a very good price. If you feel you are paying too much for web hosting, just take a moment to shop around and you may find a better deal.


Make It Easy for Others to Find You

Some people get way too cute with their website name and their URL address. You want others to be able to find you easily without having to crack a code in the process. Make your URL simple and your website name easy to remember. What you may believe as cute or catchy may be difficult for others to recall.


Don’t Take It All on Yourself

Everyone has that friend or relative that happens to know all about computers without even trying. It all just seems to come to them naturally. Might as well take advantage of their skills when it comes to building out your website. You can always make it up to them by treating them to dinner or watching their kids for a day. Being able to fix website problems without having to spend any cash is a perfect situation to be in.


4 Ways to Improve Employee Morale

An employee that is happy and satisfied with their job is a productive employee. Your business can start going wrong severely if your employees are unhappy about coming into work each day. Sometimes the issue is with a particular employee and it might be best to cut ties. However, if several employees are dissatisfied, it may be up to you to make some serious changes. Listed below are four ways to improve employee morale quickly.


Celebrate Birthdays

It may seem like a small thing, but when your employer takes the time to have a small birthday party with a cake in your honour, you feel special. In fact, you almost feel like family. Celebrating birthdays does not have to be a big production, but it will relieve some of the boredom of a workday.


Employee Bonuses

Every employee wants to be recognized for their special contributions. If you have employees that are going above and beyond, then you need to recognize them. Even just calling them into the office and giving them a small bonus will have them wanting to continue their hard work. A little recognition goes a long way in the workplace.


A Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP)

A DPSP is an employer-sponsored Canadian profit sharing plan where if the company is making profits, they share it with the rest of their employees. A DPSP plan includes tax incentives as well. No longer will the employees make the same amount of money whether the company is doing well or not. If the company is successful, the employees will take more home at the end of the day. This should make for some happy employees as everyone shares in the profits. Their loyalty will be at an all-time high when a DPSP plan is in place and the company is profitable.


Do Team Building Exercises Together

Team-building exercises usually get your employees to know and trust one another much better. It builds a sense of camaraderie that otherwise might not be there. After all, we always have the two or three people we talk to at work and then are just casually friendly to the rest. With some fun team-building exercises, it will become more like a family. Have some fun with these experiences! Bring in organizations that specialize in team-building exercises and it should be a fun day for all involved.








3 Ways Recycling Will Benefit Your Company

While it is easy to see how the decision to use a commercial recycling service will benefit the environment, it can sometimes be difficult to understand how this will help your company. In reality, however, investing in recycling should be a top priority for any business. From computer products and batteries to furniture and construction waste, there is much more you can recycle beyond basic paper and plastic products. Every effort can yield real benefits for your company.

1.        Save on Equipment Replacement

The purchase of new equipment can be one of the biggest expenses for a small business — but depending on what you need to replace, recycling will help you save. Many retailers offer a small refund or discount when you turn in old equipment for recycling prior to buying a replacement.


This is most common with computers and smartphones, though some retailers may even provide such benefits for batteries and other products. Donating old furniture that is still in usable condition could also get you a tax credit for making a charitable contribution. Either way, recycling becomes more financially helpful than simply throwing away outdated or unwanted items.

2.        Reduce Waste Costs

In the business world, waste management expenses are often calculated based on the amount of garbage that needs to get hauled away each year. In other words, producing less waste could lower this recurring utility bill — and recycling is a great way to accomplish this.


Commercial recycling services are often separate from the standard waste management company. As you start to shift toward recycling, a reduced need for waste removal could help you get discounted service or qualify you for a less expensive plan.

3.        Build Your Brand Image


These days, customers and employees alike have a greater tendency to look for businesses that reflect their values. Many people care about the environment and actively look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Recycling may be a small part in this, but it can go a long way in communicating your brand values to others.


Employees who feel like your company shares their values will be more productive and more likely to stick with you for the long haul. Some customers may even choose you over a competitor if they learn of your dedication to the environment.


While recycling won’t necessarily lead to direct sales for your company, there is no denying that it can ultimately prove to be of great worth for your brand. Yes, recycling is the right choice for helping the environment — but when you make it a key practice at your facility, it can ultimately help your bottom line as well.

3 Ways Companies Can Benefit From FinancialForce ERP

Sales and service companies deal with a lot of numbers on a daily basis — but keeping everything organized so you can fully understand your financial situation can often be easier said than done. When you test the FinancialForce ERP, you will quickly discover that using an integrated cloud solution is the best way to keep your entire staff on the same page and improve your overall efficiency. Here is a closer look at how your company can benefit from this software.

1.        Salesforce Integration

Many sales companies already use Salesforce. This understandably makes the idea of adding another software program for your team to work with feel like an unnecessary complication. FinancialForce ERP sidesteps this common concern because it is built to interact directly with Salesforce. This ensures that sales and financial data will remain perfectly in sync through the Salesforce Sales Cloud.


Instead of being an additional separate platform that employees will need to manage, this allows FinancialForce ERP to essentially operate as an extension of the same system they already know and use.

2.        Fast, Streamlined Reporting

The miscommunications between sales and finances departments can prove costly. Unfortunately, common issues like double data entry or delays in receiving reports can make it all too easy for such mishaps to occur.


With FinancialForce ERP, key tasks like revenue and billing recognition are more fully automated, helping staff save valuable time for other tasks. The cloud-based nature of the platform also allows team members to submit expense reports, time sheets, and other data at any time, whether they are in the office or travelling on a business trip. Because information is updated automatically across shared platforms, everyone will have the data they need, when they need it.

3.        Collaboration Yields Better Service

Ultimately, allowing tools like FinancialForce ERP to help you develop a single integrated platform will enable different departments to work better with each other. By avoiding delays and miscommunications, you can complete projects in a timely manner, deliver better service to customers, and always remain fully aware of your financial situation.


Coordinating everyone’s work through a single platform creates a more cohesive, collaborative work environment. As a result, with more efficient service, your sales team can improve close times and rates, ultimately allowing your business to experience rapid, efficient profit growth to benefit everyone.


The aforementioned benefits make FinancialForce ERP easy to implement while also ensuring that your team will be better equipped to meet sales and growth goals. With automation, real-time data sharing, and more, your team will be more efficient than ever before.

Could You Do More for Your Health?

Would you say you are as healthy as you could be?

If you responded with a no, taking any steps to improve upon your health?

While you may have what many consider normal aches and pains, what about when things get more serious? What steps will you take to deal with such conditions?

Be Pro-Active When Dealing with Pain

When you want to take more control of your health, where best to begin the quest?

One of your best options is to sit down and determine where any red flags may be.

As an example, has chronic pain be making your life miserable for a while now? If it has, why haven’t any treatments you’ve tried worked up to now? Could it be you’ve not been getting the right treatments in the first place?

If still searching for answers to your chronic pain, you may find it wise to buy kratom capsules online.

If you did not know this, kratom is a herbal remedy. As such, it works to relieve problems such as chronic pain. Before you know it, kratom could in fact be the answer you have been missing for a while now.

It is also wise to not let the pain get to a point where it seems unbearable.

Your best plan of attack is to fight it early on.

Sure, you may twist or turn the wrong way or do something else that leads to a period of pain for you. The key is to not let it get to the point where it becomes a daily thing in your life.

Are Diet and Exercise Issues in Your Life?

While dealing with chronic pain can seem like a full-time job, how are you doing with both diet and exercise?

Unfortunately, too many do a disservice by not eating right and no exercise. When those two things go hand-in-hand, it can make matters even worse.

As it relates to your diet, do your best to make sure you get the right foods into your body on a daily basis. Not doing so can lead to unnecessary weight gain, the potential for diabetes and more.

When it comes to the role exercise plays in your life, get some physical activity penciled into your life.

By working on your diet and getting exercise, you are doing two great things for your health.

Don’t Go to Sleep on Mental Health

Last, as important as the physical aspects of your health are, don’t go to sleep on your mental health.

With this in mind, how are you doing with your mental health these days? Do you feel at times like life is getting the better of you and you can’t get back on top?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if the time comes. Too many people think doing so is a sign of weakness. In fact, asking for help when times are tough is a sign of strength.

If your health can be better, where will you start to change?


Where Do You Turn to Build Your Collections?

Having one or more collections in your home can be exciting. That said how best to build those collections over the years?

Whether you inherited a collection from a loved one or a friend or started it on your own, take time to do it right.

So, where will you turn to amass a collection or two?

What Do You Like to Collect?

In putting together a collection or two, keep in mind a few pointers:

  1. What you will collect – While some have so many collections that they can’t keep track of them, others focus on one or two. That said doing the latter is probably the best bet. This is especially true if you are getting started in the business of collecting. If you try to have too many things at once, it could prove to be overwhelming after a while.
  2. Where to find collectibles – In putting together a collection, where you go to find what you want is key. For example, are you looking at collecting valuable VHS tapes? If so, there are several different options for you. One is you could go online and find such tapes. There are businesses and private collectors that have VHS tapes available for sale. Another option is to turn to swap meets and flea markets. Both are good venues for locating VHS products. No matter where you go to find collectibles, you should be able to put together a collection before too long.
  3. Taking care of it – As great as it is to put together a particular collection or two, don’t forget about the care needed. If you have all these collectibles and are not taking care of them, what is the sense of having a collection? Be sure to protect your collection in your home. For some people, they have limited space at home. As a result, they may have one or more collections in storage. No matter where you store your collectibles, make sure they are cared for. This includes keeping them in the right temperature settings. Also, make sure they are not getting too much sun or exposure to any other extremes.
  4. Telling others to help – Finally, one way to build a collection no matter what it is relying on family and friends. So, if you have a collection of sports memorabilia, ask those you know when they travel for a sports souvenir. These items can include pennants, t-shirts, balls with team logos on them and more. Over time, your collection will have a nice representation from all over. If you have a family member or friend with a collection, see if you can do the same for them in return. By helping one another out with the collections, they can grow rather quickly.

When you are building a collection, make sure you take time to enjoy all you’ve collected.

In doing so, you have enjoyment coming to you for many years.

So, what collectibles catch your eye?