When it comes to riding motorcycles, cars drivers have an advantage in terms of technology and comfort. Even though some top-tier bikes have GPS navigation, Apple CarPlay, heated seats, and a radio, some motorcycle community do not have these. For motorcyclists who want a great riding experience, some apps can go a long way. Basically, these apps will help your motorcycle tours in South Africa

  1. Eat Sleep Ride

This help connects with other motorcycle riders. Also, you can monitor and share the different motorcycle tours in South Africa. In addition, Eat Sleep Ride lets riders compete with themselves to win gear. But, the most important feature is the crash detection system. The app displays your location when there is an emergency.

  1. Polarsteps

During a grand adventure with other riders, swapping riding duties for a hands-free time isn’t ideal. Now, how can you write down routes and take road notes? Also, how do take all photos?

If you have an internet connection or cell service, the app synchronizes your stops, your routes and then geotags your pictures. Polarsteps arrange them all on a clear, shareable map.

  1. Gasbuddy

Indeed, a car has longer ranges than motorcycles. It is even more important to know where the next gas station is.

GasBuddy is an app that lets you find fuel stations in an area. When you fill-up for the first time, you can save about 15 cents per gallon and 5 cents per gallon each fill-up after that. Simply join Pay with GasBuddy.

  1. Pirelli Diablo SuperBike

Most free-riding countries can’t access some same technology. It includes tech that documents acceleration lean angle, altitude, lap time, and more. But this Biker app will help you record all the data in your pocket.

  1. Darksky

When driving around in your car, you normally don’t care about the weather except there is a blizzard or hurricane. But on motorcycle, you need to be conscious all the time. Dark Sky offers accurate and valuable weather reports. It updates each minute over the hour, including hourly predictions all through the day.

  1. Kappa app

The kappa app lay emphasis on motorcycle tours and riders can upload their adventurous activities to be rated by others.

  1. Best Biking Roads

This app is the biggest motorcycle touring resource in the world. It is created out of the touring experiences of more than 25,000 riders nationwide! The app displays over 8000 routes selected by motorcyclists. Also, motorcyclists, use this app to add videos and photos to gain reviews from other riders.  Use the app to find your next best ride.

  1. FuelLog

If you want to track your fuel consumption, this is the app for you. Also, it helps you track cost, vehicle maintenance, and calculates statistics like fuel mileage.

But there is more; the app estimates the average cost per fuel amount or distance. Also, it estimates monthly fuel cost, yearly fuel cost, and over distances driven! So, if you want to know your motorcycle’s mileage during some of the best motorcycle tours in South Africa, FuelLog will do it efficiently.

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