Benefits of Minimally Invasive Hand Surgery

Some hand injuries are so severe that only surgery can bring relief. Needing hand surgery can be a scary thought and can be disrupting to your life and work, considering the time you need to take off to have the surgery done and to recover. But minimally invasive surgery could be the answer.


What is Minimally Invasive Hand Surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery is when you use the smallest incision possible to complete the surgery, which leads to less pain and a faster recovery. When it comes to the hand, that means that a small incision is used to repair any injuries in the hand. Dr. Fitzmaurice designed and developed a new approach to minimally invasive hand surgery that provides only the safest techniques to find fast relief without a large incision.


Endotech Endoscopic Release Procedure

The best hand surgeon in Phoenix, Dr. Fitzmaurice is known for his Endotech Endoscopic Release Procedure that helps his patients find relief from carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, trigger finger, tennis elbow and more. The procedure consists of using miniature cameras through small incisions. By performing the surgery through a smaller area, patients will be able to recover faster, have less pain and less scarring. This also happens to be the safest way to perform surgery, using only state of the art equipment. The surgeon is able to see better, which in return makes the surgery go much smoother with more guarantee of success. The significant procedure was developed in Arizona and is patent pending.


Why Minimally Invasive Hand Surgery?

There are many benefits to hand surgery, but even more benefits to minimally invasive hand surgery. Those with hand injuries want to find relief and minimally invasive hand surgery not only provides fast relief, but it also is safer, less painful and the recovery is much quicker than regular surgery, so you will be able to return to work and the golf course in about a week!


Less pain

When undergoing trigger finger surgery Phoenix, it can be a long and painful process. But with the Endotech Endoscopic Trigger Finger Release Procedure, you will be able to receive the same relief, but even more quickly than with regular surgery. Minimally invasive hand surgery uses the smallest incision possible, leaving less of an area to have to heal. That means that not only is the surgery less painful, so is recovering. Plus, you know that your surgeon is providing the best care since it is the safest form of hand surgery.


Recover quickly

With regular carpal tunnel surgery, a patient could be out of work for up to two months, requiring anywhere from 28 to 40 days to heal. That means no hitting the golf course for quite a while. But with the Endotech Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Procedure, most patients are able to return to work and daily activities within just 6 days. Plus, the entire recovery process is less painful and much smoother than when undergoing other types of hand surgeries.


Who is the Best at Performing Minimally Invasive Hand Surgery?

Dr. Fitzmaurice is the founder of the Endotech Endoscopic Release procedures, which is one of the most sophisticated forms of minimally invasive surgery. When choosing a hand surgeon, you want to choose only the best in the business that is going to offer the best service possible.



When choosing the best hand surgeon, you not only want someone who can perform minimally invasive hand surgery, but someone who is also available when you need them. Dr. Fitzmaurice also offers an urgent hand care Scottsdale. Sometimes pain can happen at the worst times and Dr. Fitzmaurice and his team will be there. Plus, patients will receive only the best care with top of the line equipment.


Excellent Service

Dr. Fitzmaurice offers excellent service to all of his patients, which is why people travel across the country to see him. He provides the newest techniques and procedures, like minimally invasive hand surgery, to patients for optimal results. The entire staff strives to provide the most appropriate and effective care for each patient and all by providing the best in customer service.



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