How Business Leaders Can Instantly Earn the Respect of New Employees

Coming into an unfamiliar environment is often challenging. Entering a new company culture in a position of leadership is even more difficult. After all, it can be tough to connect with a completely new set of employees when they know very little about you, and you know even less about them. If this situation sounds familiar, then know that we’re here to help. Here are five ways new managers, bosses, CEOs, and owners can get off on the right foot with a new team and earn instant respect:


Maybe you’re an experienced executive who is used to leading a team. Or, maybe this is your first time in a managerial role. Either way, the first step toward success is familiarizing yourself with both your team members and the way your company operates. Don’t assume that you know everything there is to know. Instead, listen to your employees and focus on issues that matter to them most.

Offer Something for Nothing

Want to ensure that your employees have a solid first impression of you? Then take the initiative to do something for their benefit. This could be something small –– like taking your staff out to lunch or a happy hour. Or, it could be more substantial –– like implementing an employee training and development program. Either way, the best way to show that you care about more than the bottom line is to demonstrate your empathy and do something for others.

Give Credit Where it’s Due

It’s likely that any new leader at a company will have plenty of fresh ideas they want to roll out. They may even have a negative perception of the previous regime as a whole. However, don’t be afraid to praise the good work of your predecessors or current employees. It doesn’t take much to give credit where it’s due, and a kind word here or there to a staff member is a simple and effective way to boost morale around the office.


Your team has problems. Even the most effective and efficient businesses on the planet have some internal issues that need to be resolved. The best business leaders seek out problems and do their bit to solve them. It makes a lot of sense to get involved with the nitty-gritty of how your team functions early on. Doing so will also help you craft more meaningful plans in the future.

Be Yourself

People respond to genuine enthusiasm and passion. Trying to manufacture a false “work personna” won’t help you win over any skeptical team members. Instead, just be yourself. All good leaders have to be honest with themselves and with others –– so be willing to put yourself out there!

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