How to Use Technology to Improve Your Game

How you do in golf can reflect how you do in business and life. Despite its criticisms from those who don’t play, golf is a game which allows people of any age and ability to compete fairly. Many people consider golf a way of life, because of the pleasant playing environment on sunny links, the polite manner with which players treat each other and the versatility of the game itself.

It only makes sense to use all your advantages to improve your skills, but it can be difficult if you are trying to improve on your own, With a golf launch monitor, you can help your game even if you don’t have access to professional instructors or expensive equipment.

Getting Feedback

The biggest hurdle to improving play on your own is that you don’t have a way to measure your current skills, and you don’t have an accurate way to make small goals toward improving. With a golf launch monitor, you have access to very specific information about the way you move and hit the ball. You can get details about your movements that you couldn’t get just by trying to keep track on your own.

For instance, you can get needed information about what happens at the moment of impact when you make contact with the ball. This includes actual speed, so you will know how much power makes it to the end of your swing. You can also measure how fast your ball goes after you hit it.

Smash Factor

The name sounds aggressive, but every player has a smash factor. You can figure your smash figure by dividing your ball speed by your club speed. A respectable smash factor for a driver shot would be about 1.50.

So let’s say your swing speed is 100 mph and your ball speed is 135 mph. That makes your smash factor 1.35.

Improving Your Efficiency

Now that you know how to quantify what is happening you can use a strategy to improve your abilities. You may not necessarily have the strength as some other players, but you can figure out how to increase your smash factor so you can send the ball further.

You can identify where you are weakest and monitor your progress when you use a  golf launch monitor. Even when you don’t feel like you’remaking progress, you can see even incremental improvements.

Many people use a golf launch monitor without taking full advantage of its capabilities, but you can easily use it to get to the top of your game.


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