October Sports Madness

Men who love sports and sports gambling have about one or two weeks every year when the sports Gods smile down upon them. We are talking about the latter part of October when all four US major professional sports leagues are in action. As an added dose of pleasure, we can even throw college football in the mix.

Major League Baseball
They call the World Series the “fall classic.” It pits the National League Champions versus the American League Champions for the World Series title. It all starts with one wild card game for each league with the winner earning a spot in the divisional playoffs. The divisional playoffs have the potential of going five games in each division. The winners move on to the division championship series, which has the potential of going seven games games. The division winners head to the World Series, which culminates the MLB season over seven games. After factoring in travel days, the playoffs can run as deep into October as the end of the month.

National Football League
This year’s National Football League schedule is set to begin the Thursday after Labor Day or September 7. By the end of October, the season is in full flight and the better teams in the league are starting to rise to the top. It’s worth noting that football in the top betting sport in the US. This is the time of year when free sports picks are in high demand.

National Hockey League
This year’s National Hockey League season marks the league’s 100th year of operation. In an effort to get the jump on the NBA, as the league always does, this year’s season begins on October 4th. By the end of October, the players have a feel for the ice and the going gets good.

National Basketball Association
After three weeks of preseason action, the men in shorts and sneakers begin the NBA season on October 17. The weekend of October 20-23 represents the first weekend of the season. While the league may be competing for audience and TV time as the last league to the party, the guys are rolling and the betting action has begun.

There you have it. All four major professional sports leagues in action during the last couple of weeks in October. For the sports nut or sports gambling enthusiast, the opportunity to watch and/or bet on all four of these sports on the same day is nothing short of a glimpse of Paradise. For anyone interested in getting access to free sports picks, they may look forward to finding many excellent offers during this point in the betting season.

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