The Magical and Mystical Cloud

Perhaps no other advancement in technology is as mystical and confusing as the cloud. Trying to explain the cloud to people that have never really used it before can be a comical experience as they repeatedly ask where their information is being stored if it accessible from anywhere in the world. To put it as simple as possible, the cloud stores your information on the internet instead of on just one or two computers. And this is why your business needs the cloud immediately. You will certainly improve your benefits with IT cloud solutions.


Get With the Program

You may be surprised to know that cloud computing has been around for almost 20 years now. According to a study by the International Data Group, 69 percent of all businesses already use cloud technology in one capacity or another. Another 18 percent plan to implement cloud computing solutions in the near future. There are reasons why everyone is jumping on the cloud bandwagon.


It Is All About Security

If you have even had your email or social media account hacked, you know how unpleasant experience it is. You feel as if you have been violated. It is like someone breaking into your house. Now imagine that happening to your business as the hacker makes a copy of all of your data and your customers’ information as well. It doesn’t get much worse than that.


According to RapidScale, 94 percent of businesses using cloud solutions saw an improvement in their security. Plus, another 91 percent said it is simpler to meet government regulations requirements as well. When using the cloud, all of the data is encrypted so the information is less accessible to those evil hackers.


Don’t Waste Your Time on Data Storage Problems

If you own your own business, you know you are being torn into ten different directions at all times. Don’t use up your precious time on worries about data storage and security. Let cloud solutions handle these instead. You can spend all of your time making sure your customers are happy and the profits are rolling in.


Access to the Cloud

Having all of your info on one or two computers means that you must be in close contact with them at all times. By using the cloud, you can use any device to access your information. Even that thing currently in your pocket at the moment. Your cellphone could allow you to see your data in moments. Isn’t technology great?


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