Ways to Ensure Your Wedding Goes Off Without Any Drama

It is the day you have been waiting your whole life for. You have found the person you want to marry and spend the rest of your days with. All that is left is the ceremony and the reception needs to be planned. What could go wrong? Everything. Consider the following tips when planning your dream day to eliminate any wedding horror stories.


Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Be very careful when choosing the people that are going to be in your wedding. One wrong choice could leave you having to babysit and worry as a “friend” decides to make the wedding event all about them. How many times have you heard speeches at the reception afterwards that make everyone in the place cringe? Don’t take anything for granted. If you can’t fully trust someone to behave themselves, then leave them off the wedding crew.


Institute a No Alcohol Policy Until the Reception

You do not want your guests or the people in the wedding to show up to the event half-liquored up. Nothing can ruin a wedding faster than people who can’t hold their alcohol. What might have started off with one drink right before the wedding could snowball into several in no time. Do your best to ensure this does not happen.


Don’t Let the Parents Plan Everything

This can be difficult to avoid as many people have their parents chipping in for the expense of the wedding. If they are paying for all of it, then you should have no right to complain when they overplan for the whole event. If they want to invite your thirty cousins that you never see and people that you don’t know, you just have to go with it the best you can. However, if you are paying a fair portion for everything, put your foot down. This is your wedding day and you should be able to have things the way you want as long as you can afford it.


Hire Professionals

Instead of hoping to just wing everything for the big day, hire professionals that can make certain everything runs like clockwork. It may cost you a bit extra, but it will keep the photographer on time and your djs won’t go off script and play ridiculous music that you never asked for in the first place. Your best bet is to solicit an event planner that has years of experience of creating the wedding and reception that you have been wanting all of your life.


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